Cuba: Oh, Those Beautiful Old Cars!

Call me shallow, and it’s true. One of the big draws of Cuba for me was to see those old 40s and 50s U.S. cars. They exist in all states of repair and disrepair. Some have newer, non-U.S. engines hidden under the vintage hoods.

Many of the most beautifully restored cars serve as taxis and gather in front of the tourist hotels. Here’s the early morning lineup in front of our Parque Central Hotel.

Horse-drawn carriages and bicycle taxis also vie for the tourist trade.
One evening our group took advantage of some of the fabulous convertibles for our ride to dinner. We were as happy as a bunch of teenagers cruising the square.
Of course, ordinary Cubans don’t ride in such vaunted conveyances.  They take the old, unrestored cars; overcrowded, un-air conditioned buses; bicycle taxis; or horse-drawn taxis. Or, more commonly, they walk.
Here are a few more of those fabulous cars.

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